Updated on 18.01.2018

 Alka Gohil Ma'am

Class : Primary Section

Subject : Cleanliness and Handwriting

Aim : To inculcate the habit of swacchta and the dignity of labour in students.

          To improve the handwriting skills of the students.

Procedure :

1. The cleanliness drive is conducted once in a month during CCA periods. The students enjoyed cleaning classrooms, surroundings and windowpanes.

2. Handwriting practice of English is done in the zero period once a week. It is based on 3S - Stroke, Style and Slant.

Ravi Kiran Nagi Ma'am

Class : VIII, XI and XII

Subject : Maths (Super Brain Yoga Exercise)

Aim : Activate brain muscles to improve alertness, focus and concentration.

Procedure : Exercises are done in the class as and when required. Students are also motivated.


Class : XI and XII

Subject : Maths (Sutras of Vedic Maths)

Aim : For quick calculations 

Procedure : Being applied in maths class regularly.

Shamsher Sir

Class : XI

Subject : Geography (Enhancing academic performance of students through the use of positive reinforcement)

Aim : To increase the academic performance of the students.

Procedure : There will be the use of positive remarks, rather adverse remarks for selected group of students. There will be the comparative study of the two groups.

Meenu Ma'am 

Class : VI

Subject: Hindi (Reading)

Aim : To develop the reading and listening skills of the students. 

Procedure : It will be conducted once a week. Step wise testing will be done by subject teachers. Efforts will be made to test every student.